Listed below are the most frequently used tagging supplies per our most successful consignors! 

How to order:

1)  Email the following info to coastalkidsale@yahoo.com:
   item(s) and quantity you wish to purchase
   ship to name & address 
   paypal account email address

2) Once order has been received and confirmed, you will receive an invoice through paypal.  Once payment has been received via paypal, items will ship via USPS to address provided in order.  Reminder:  paypal payments made via check take up to 10 days to process by paypal and will delay shipment.

3)  Maryland sales tax of 6% collected on ALL orders regardless of where shipped.
      Shipping & handling charges will be determined at time of invoicing and vary based on size/weight of order.

Should you have any questions regarding these items or need assistance, please feel free to call 410-603-3925 or email coastalkidsale@yahoo.com

67lb heavyweight stock--white paper 
prints 8 tags per page

Qty: 20 sheets (prints up to 160 tags)
Price: $3.00 (excludes tax and S/H)

Qty: 40 sheets (prints up to 320 tags)
Price: $5.50 (excludes tax and S/H)

Tagging gun kit
includes tagging gun, needle and 1000 barbs

Qty: 1 kit
Price: $15.00 (excludes tax and S/H)

Packing tape
Scotch heavy duty packaging tape
2in wide x 15 yard roll with refillable dispenser

Qty:  1
Price $2.00 (excludes tax and S/H)

Zip ties (Natural/clear color)
​8" long
Perfect for securing shoes together, securing two hangers togetherfor clothing sets & MUCH more!

Qty: 1  (order as many or as few as you need!)
Price: 10 cents each (excludes tax and S/H)

Infants to youth size 14/16 and maternity
High quality, gently used items at affordable prices