Shopping tips

Spread the word…Everyone is invited!  Click here for a printable flyer to share with your friends, family, co-workers, etc.  You do not need to be a consignor or volunteer to shop our public sale hours.   No pass is needed and admission is ALWAYS FREE.  Sales floor is organized similar to a department store so there's minimal "hunting" for what you need.  High quality, gently used items for infants to teens, maternity, ladies, home decor and small/meduim sized furnishings.

Want to shop our pre-sale for the best selection?  Consignors, Team Members, New Parents/Grandparents and Advertising Sponsors get to shop the pre-sale.  Click on corresponding links to the left to learn more.
Pre-sale schedule (pass required for EACH person(aged 0-99, YES kids count!)
no guests or children during team member shopping--ONLY team members

Team leaders & Managers                             (Thurs) 1 - 4pm     (Sat)   8 - 11am
Team members--two shifts                          (Thurs) 1:30 - 4pm        (Sat)  8:30 - 11am
Team members--one shift         (Thurs) 2 - 4pm    (Sat)   9 - 11am
Consignors-guests or children with passes only         (Thurs) 2:30 - 4pm      (Sat) 9:30 - 11am
Avertising sponsors -guests or children with passes only  (Thurs) 1:30 - 4pm                 (Sat) 8:30 - 11am
Military ID shoppers        (Thurs) 3 - 4pm    (Sat) 10 - 11am 
(military ID is your pass; no guests without their own military ID)
All other pass holders       (Thurs) 3 - 4pm     (Sat) 10 - 11am

What will you find?  
Clothing for infants to juniors and maternity, baby gear, baskets, bedding for babies/kids, bikes,  CD's, costumes, cribs, dancewear, DVD's, educational & homeschool supplies, exersaucers, furniture (kids), games, high chairs, Infant seats/carriers, pack & plays, puzzles, scrapbook & craft supplies,  sporting equipment & clothes,  strollers & stroller accessories, toys (indoor & outdoor)...and SO much more!!!  If it's something a kid wants or needs, we will have it.
Important Notice
Due to recent legislation concerning lead safety testing and recent recalls, we are providing the links below to help educate our sellers and shoppers.   We take the safety of our shoppers and their families very seriously and we do our best to make sure our sale doesn't include recalled items.  We strongly suggest that our sellers visit the links below to see what's been recalled before heading out to shop with us.  All sales are final and at your own risk.

Local charities receive the unsold items marked "donate: Yes" as well as monetary donations.
REMINDER to shoppers:  No diapers bags or large purses/diaper bags permitted while you shop so please plan accordingly and leave them in the car.  All bags and strollers will be checked at the door upon exit.  A purse is considered large if it is the size of or larger than a regular sheet of paper (8.5x11).  Be sure to bring your ID/License with you if you plan to shop using a card rather than cash! 

Things to bring with you:
Friendly reminders:

Parents who plan to bring their kids shopping with them on the opening day.  This new shopping time has become increasingly popular and very similar to Black Friday shopping around the holidays.  HUNDREDS of shoppers with LONG lines and a salesfloor PACKED with inventory.  It's a great time for you to shop and find the best bargains and massive selection.  While we remain a kid friendly event, we MUST ask that you keep your kids close and do not allow them play with the toys or items on the floor OR crawl/climb onto/inside the clothing racks.  We've had quite a few kids who are permitted to wander & climb while parents shop which is not safe for the kids.   Please keep this information in mind for shopping opening day early hours of the sale.  For those who plan to shop with kids in strollers...the packed sales floor often makes it hard to manuever with strollers.  Umbrella type small strollers will allow you to move around easier and more quickly.  Leave diaper bags in the car; large bags (purses, diaper) not permitted.  We appreciate your assistance in keeping the kids safe.

Infants to youth size 14/16 and maternity
High quality, gently used items at affordable prices