Preparing and tagging your items to sell

We use a wonderful computerized system called My Consignment Manager.  Handwritten tags will not be accepted.  The cost to use this system is included in your $9.50 non-refundable registration fee.  If at any time you have problems using the system, please feel free to contact us at  It is our desire to keep this process quick and easy for everyone.

We've put together a pricing guide that will assist you in determining what to sell and at what price.  This is meant only to be used as a guide--consignors are in control of pricing their items.  If you question whether or not an item is acceptable for the sale, please feel free to contact us  We are happy to help you decide.

Acceptable & unacceptable items

Organizational tips

How to tag-general

How to tag clothes

How to tag toys, furniture, equipment, etc.

Items Accepted

         Spring sale accepts spring/summer season clothing.
         Fall sale accepts fall/winter season clothing.
         Maternity clothing for all seasons accepted at all sales.

​           Please hand bedding on hangers.  You may use multiple hangers if necessary and either rubber band or zip tie the multiple                  hangers together.  If the bedding set includes non fabric accessories such as mobiles, lamps, wall decor, etc you may include                those items and we will display together.

Items we are unable to accept
Please do not be offended if we do not accept an item.  We have very high standards, as do our customers.  These guidelines are to insure a successful sale and to be fair to other Consignors and Shoppers.

​Designer handbags authenticity policy:
The sale of counterfeit designer handbags, diaper bags or other accessories is illegal and subject to criminal and civil penalties under federal and state laws. Coastal Consignments Inc. prohibits the purchase and sale of counterfeit items at our consignment sale events. Coastal Consignments Inc. will not knowingly purchase or sell an item believed to be counterfeit. In addition, consignors selling a gently used designer handbag, diaper bag or accessory at a Coastal Consignments or Coastal Kids Consignment sale event will be asked to certify that the item is authentic.

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Helpful tips for organizing your items first then proceed to tagging

​          appropriate sized hangers (plastic only NO WIRE HANGERS; many stores give them to you free if you ask)
​          safety pins (size 1 inch or larger);  NO STRAIGHT PINS...ouch!  Items with straight pins will be rejected and we will ask
          that you replace with safety pins before putting items on the salesfloor.  OPTIONAL:  tagging gun with fine fabric barbs
          (instead of safety pins to secure tags to clothes) clear packing tape
​         WHITE cardstock paper (#60 - 67 works best but any heavy cardstock or coverstock paper accepted.  Regular printer
              paper WILL not be accepted as the tags will tear & fall off)
​          zip-lock storage bags
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How to tag your items

Important--ALWAYS make sure your items are securely fastened, boxes are taped shut, tags are securely attached, zip loc bags are shut (tape them if necessary) and that any toys with small parts are in zip loc bags and taped together using packing tape not scotch tape.  

Also DO NOT place tape over the barcode of the tag.  We cannot sell your item or give you credit if we cannot scan the barcode.
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Clothes ~ see diagram below

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Toys, Furniture, Equipment, etc---Our BEST SELLING, HIGH DEMAND items!!

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Infants to youth size 14/16 and maternity
High quality, gently used items at affordable prices
Purchase a tagging gun kit for faster & easier tagging

Seller Registration deadline:     Salisbury event 3/26/17 12 midnight           Milford event

Tagging deadline:                       Salisbury event 3/29/17  12 noon                 Milford event