How to participate as a consignor:
  • Register & pay online a non-refundable $9.50 registration fee
  • Earn 60% of your sales  Click link to left to "Join our Team" and learn how to earn up to 70% of your sales
  • Gather & prepare items to sell
  • Enter items into your inventory & print tags using our online tagging system.
  • Attach tags to items (while double checking items for quality & recalls)
  • Increase your sales % by fulfilling one or two 4 hour shifts. 
BONUS:  team members shop pre-sale first!
Sign up for a shift online via your consignor online account, click "Volunteer" and open time slots appear
               One 4 hour shift consignor earns 65% of their sales
               Two 4 hour shift consignor earns 70% of their sales
  • Choose drop off appointment
Log into your online account, click on Check-in, open time slots appear
Bring your inventory report & tagged items to sale location
               If you are selling 300 items or more you must select a check in time before 3pm.
  • Shop the pre-sale
  • Pickup unsold items last day of Salisbury event on Saturday and Milford event on Sunday between 3 - 4:30pm (or donate your unsold items to charity).  Any items not picked up by the 4:30 deadline are donated to charity automatically.
  • Check will be mailed to you within 10 days of sale end.
  • Our motto  "you gotta tell to sell!"  We will do our part advertising in local publications, on social media, in local daycares & schools and MUCH more.  But the best form of advertising is word of mouth.  We have beautiful color flyers that we can send to you to help us spread the word and pass out to your co-workers, friends, church everyone you see!  Shoot us an email requesting the flyers and tell us how many and we'll get them out to you today!  Thanks :-)

Consignor info & benefits:
  • Opportunity to clean the house of outgrown clutter and turn it into quick cash!
  • Earn up to 70% of your sales (base rate is 60% then earn extra 5% for each team shift up to 70%)
  • Early shopping opportunities to affordably restock your closets, home and toy boxes.
  • Set your own prices with no haggling, yard sale work, meeting strangers or online sale hassles.
  • You don't have to be present to sell but we hope you'll join our team and enjoy some fun "mommy time."
  • Track your sales & inventory.  At the end of each day we post your sales to your account.
  • Donate your unsold items to charity.  We’ll handle donation delivery & you get receipt and tax deduction.  Our local charities thank you!

Tagging supplies:
  • WHITE cardstock (aka cover stock) paper.  Available at WalMart or Staples.
  • Tagging gun (work best) or safety pins.
  • Hangers (plastic ONLY--no wire hangers).  Pick up free by asking local retailers or online(ex: Old Navy, Facebook, Freecycle).  WalMart, Dollar Tree and K-Mart also sell them cheap.  Look in the baby section for smaller size hangers.
  • Packing tape.
  • Zip loc bags of various sizes.

Helpful Links:
  • Want more details on exactly how to tag and organize your items?  Click here 

Pre-sale schedule (pass required for EACH person(aged 0-99, YES kids count!)
no guests or children during team member shopping--ONLY team members

​                                                                                                                              SALISBURY​                                    MILFORD
Team leaders & Managers                               (Thurs) 1 - 4pm   (Sat)   8 - 11am
Team members--two shifts                            (Thurs) 1:30 - 4pm       (Sat)  8:30 - 11am
Team members--one shift           (Thurs) 2 - 4pm   (Sat)   9 - 11am
Consignors-guests or children with passes only         (Thurs) 2:30 - 4pm       (Sat) 9:30 - 11am
Avertising sponsors -guests or children with passes only   (Thurs) 1:30 - 4pm                 (Sat) 8:30 - 11am
Military ID shoppers         (Thurs) 3 - 4pm   (Sat) 10 - 11am 
(military ID is your pass; no guests without their own military ID)
All other pass holders         (Thurs) 3 - 4pm   (Sat) 10 - 11am

What’s new:
  • Clothing sizes will run preemie to youth 14/16 (XXL).  Juniors sizes are no longer accepted at the kids sale but WILL be accepted at our Ladies, Mens & Home sale.  
  • Car seats:  We've been accepting them for a few sales now so nothing new here.  Just a reminder that you must complete the car seat checklist & bring to check-in.  Manufacturer date on tag on bottom of seat must be less than 5 years old.  Click here for the car seat checklist.

Donation receipt for Milford Fall 2016 consignors

Donation receipt for Salisbury Fall 2016 consignors

Infants to youth size 14/16 and maternity
High quality, gently used items at affordable prices

Seller Registration deadline:     Salisbury event  3/26/17 12 midnight           Milford event 

Tagging deadline:                       Salisbury event  3/29/17  12 noon                 Milford event