What's new:
  • Now accepting mens clothing!  Limited to 150 pieces.
  • Clothing limits:  each seller is limited to a maximum of 150 ladies/juniors clothing items and 150 mens/juniors clothing items.  Duplicate seller accounts will be deleted.

Sale & shopping details:
  • Bring us your BEST items.  Our shoppers are looking for high quality, gently used items in excellent condition and current styles.   Items must be 3 years old or less.  Price competitively and only bring in items that you would buy at a price you would be willing to pay.  We strongly recommend marking clothing Discount Yes (better to sell than bring back home!).
  • All items will be inspected during check-in to ensure that our sales floor contains high quality, gently used items.  We reserve the right to reject any item that does not meet our quality standards, unclean/incomplete set, smells of smoke or storage/mold odor or that is not tagged in accordance with our guidelines. 
  • Minimum price $2.  Combine similar items into groups if you like.
  • Consignors earn 60 - 70% of their sold items less $9.50 non-refundable consignor fee.
  • This is NOT a yard sale event.  We operate similar to a consignment/resale store except we are a large 1 day event.   Shoppers won't need to go from table to table...our sales floor is setup similar to a department store with similar items grouped together for shopping ease and convenience.  There will be no price haggling, items are priced/tagged by our consignors at the best and final price.  Shop early for best selection.  Items marked Discount Yes by the consignor will be 50% off from 1pm - 3pm.  
  • Payment methods:  Cash and Visa/MC/Discover accepted (debit/credit card with photo ID required).  No personal or business checks accepted.
  • Doors close promptly at 3pm on Saturday 10/14 and any items purchased and held for later pick up MUST be picked up BEFORE 3pm on Saturday 10/14.  Any shopper held items not picked up BEFORE 3pm on Saturday 10/14 will be donated REGARDLESS of payment status.  

How to participate as a consignor:
  • Register & pay online a non-refundable $9.50 registration fee
  • Gather & prepare items to sell
  • Enter items into your inventory & print tags using our online tagging system.
  • Attach tags to items (while double checking items for quality & recalls)
  • Increase your sales % by fulfilling one or two 4 hour shifts. 
BONUS:  team members shop pre-sale first!
Sign up for a shift online via your consignor online account, click "Volunteer" and open time slots appear
  • Choose drop off appointment
Log into your online account, click on Check-in, open time slots appear
Bring your inventory report & tagged items to sale location
               If you are selling 300 items or more you must select a check in time before 3pm.
  • Shop the pre-sale
  • Pickup unsold items on Saturday 10/14/17 between 4 - 5:30pm (or donate to charity).  Any item left at 5:30 will be donated.
  • Check will be mailed to you within 7 days of sale end.

Consignor info & benefits:
  • Opportunity to clean the house of outgrown clutter and turn it into quick cash!
  • Earn up to 70% of your sales
  • Early shopping opportunities to affordably restock your closets & home.
  • Set your own prices with no haggling, yard sale work, meeting strangers or online sale hassles.
  • You don't have to be present to sell but we hope you'll join our team and enjoy some fun "adult time."
  • Track your sales & inventory.  At the end of the sale day we post your sales to your account.
  • Donate your unsold items to charity.  We’ll handle donation delivery & you get receipt and tax deduction.  Our local charities thank you!

Tagging supplies:
  • WHITE cardstock (aka cover stock) paper.  Available at WalMart or Staples.
  • Tagging gun (work best) or safety pins.
  • Hangers (plastic ONLY--no wire hangers).  Pick up free by asking local retailers or online(ex: Old Navy, Facebook, Freecycle).  WalMart, Dollar Tree and K-Mart also sell them cheap. 
  • Packing tape and/or painters tape.
  • Zip loc bags of various sizes.

Items we accept:
Items must be clean, free of pet hair & stains, odor & smoke free, and in good to excellent condition.  Include batteries in items that require them. 

Baskets (storage & decorative)
Clothing--all seasons (limited to 150 ladies/juniors & 150 mens/juniors maximum per seller; duplicate seller accounts will be deleted
Candles (unused)
CD's (must be in original case and scratch free; do not tape shut...will be checked then we will tape closed)
Dinnerware (minimum set of 4 & must be complete w/no chips, cracks etc.)
DVD movies (must be in original case and scratch free; do not tape shut...will be checked then we will tape closed)
 Fishing & hunting supplies (no guns or ammo)
Furniture (indoor & outdoor)
  Glassware  (if sets display idea is in box with top cut off so shoppers can see inside)
Holiday decor & accessories (if lighted all must work) Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving sell great!!
Home accessories such as lamps, pictures, frames, paintings, mirrors, vases & wall hangings
Home office and computer furniture
  Knick Nacks, figurines, collectibles (clean, no nicks or worn out spots etc.  We are VERY picky when it comes to these)
Outdoor furniture, entertaining & decorative items (flags, statues, iron works, garden creatures, sundials, rain gauges, etc)
Rugs: area & accent
Scrapbooking, jewelry making, card making & other specialty craft supplies
Serving & entertaining pieces (no chips or cracks)
Shoes (all seasons--in EXCELLENT, CLEAN condition)
Scarves, winter wear (gloves, mittens, etc)
Tools (clean, in working order and with all parts, cords, etc)

Items we DO NOT accept:
Items that are stained, broken, faded, dirty, stink, smell like smoke or pets, or an incomplete set.
Bedding (sheets, comforters, etc)
Curtains, curtain rods and window treatments
Brass items
VHS movies
Floral arrangements
Electronics (telephones, answering machines, computers, blenders, coffee makers, toasters, etc).
Appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, stoves/ovens, washers/dryers, etc)

Tagging clothing:
Clothing must be on hangers (plastic only--no wire hangers).   You will not receive the hanger back after the sale so go cheap.  Clothing is abundant so price competitively.  The #1 complaint we hear from shoppers is that clothing is priced too high.  Good rule of thumb with pricing clothing & accessories is 25 - 30% of retail (go higher up to 50% of retail if brand name, new with tags or specialty/seasonal item).  Always ask yourself "How much would I pay for this?"  

Use a safety pin or a tagging gun is preferred to secure the tag to the clothing.  See our tagging supplies page to purchase tagging gun.  Place pin or barb in the tag or seam of the item to prevent poking holes in the garment.  Shoppers don't buy clothes with holes poked in them.  See picture below.  DO NOT use tape to secure tags to clothing.  Clothing with taped tags  will be rejected and we will ask you to secure them with safety pin or tagging gun.

Tagging non clothing items, home decor & furniture:
Do not tape tags to non-clothing items if you feel it may ruin the item or pull off the finish.  Instead, you may punch a hole in the tag and use a zip tie or piece of yarn/string to secure the tag to the item.  Or instead of clear packing tape use painters tape which is less damaging to remove after purchase.  Just make sure the tag isn't going to fall off because if it does and you don't have a good description on the tag, we won't be able to re-secure it for you and the item will end up in the lost & found, unsold!  DO NOT cover or tape over the bar code on the tag so that we can't scan your item to sell. 

When tagging pictures, paintings etc., please place the tag on the front of the item so shoppers can find the price tag without moving the item (helps prevent damage).  These items will be stacked together similar to an art store or expo.

Good rule of thumb with pricing of home decor is 25 - 30% of retail (go higher up to 50% of retail if high end item or new with tags).   Furniture, depending on item popularity, condition & brand name can go from 30-50% of retail.

Designer handbags authenticity policy:

The sale of counterfeit designer handbags or other accessories is illegal and subject to criminal and civil penalties under federal and state laws. Coastal Consignments Inc. prohibits the purchase and sale of counterfeit items at our consignment sale events. Coastal Consignments Inc. will not knowingly purchase or sell an item believed to be counterfeit. In addition, consignors selling a gently used designer handbag or accessory at a Coastal Consignments or Coastal Kids Consignment sale event will be asked to certify that the item is authentic.

Coastal Consignment's
"all seasons"
Ladies, Mens 
& Home Decor/Furniture Sale

clear out the clutter and turn it into cash!!

Wicomico Civic Center ~ Midway Room
500 Glen Avenue ~ Salisbury MD  21804
October 14, 2017
9am - 3pm 

Registration Deadline  October 11th at 12 midnight
              Tagging deadline October 12th at 6pm                 
To register click button above then click on Ladies & Home Salisbury